Secure Digital Photography For Insurance Adjusters


Photo Adjuster is a small, fast software program for all versions of Microsoft Windows, for insurance claim adjusters to view and print digital photos, to paper or PDF, while at the same time freezing and documenting the evidence trail for each photo.

Photo Adjuster clearly labels each printed photo with one of three possible labels.

  • Original Image (evidence trail intact and image has not be altered)
  • Copy of Original Image (evidence trail broken and image may have been altered)
  • Software Edited Image (evidence trail broken and image has been altered)

Photo Adjuster, during preprint processing, searches each photo image file and extracts various data such as the make and model of the camera that originally captured the image, the name of the software that altered the image (if any), the image size, the image file name and a multitude of other trade secret data objects. These objects are then subjected to various tests to determine conclusively whether photos printed with Photo Adjuster are the original images captured by a digital camera or whether they have been copied or altered. Summary results of these tests are printed with each photo including the resulting ranking of the evidence trail.

( none...partial...good...very good...excellent )

As long as a photo is labeled with a good evidence trail (or better) it is easily defended in a Court of Law.  It is important for you to be prepared prior to your trip to the witness stand or before being questioned by an examiner.

Photo Adjuster offers very high performance, high quality results, and is the simplest, quickest digital photo program you will ever use.

Photo Adjuster features assisted loss notice entry on the home screen where you can set defaults (automatically entered items) for redundant items. This eliminates some of the typing required when entering data.

Photo Adjuster only takes seconds to import the photos from your camera. You have the choice of importing them one at a time or automatically importing all of the photos with one click. The time to import 20 photos is 6 seconds.

Photo Adjuster quickly reorders the photos. After importing the photos, you use the thumbnail screen to change the print order (the order that the photos will print) by clicking a photo and clicking the new location. The time to reorder 20 photos is 40 seconds.

Photo Adjuster gives you the choice of printing either:

Photo Adjuster also features a very detailed evidence trail report to submit with the printed photos or to retain in your file. This report can be configured to print automatically or to print upon demand only. This is an additional report proving that the photos you printed and submitted using Photo Adjuster, were the original images captured by your camera.

Photo Adjuster features a magic lookup feature used to auto label your photos. After entering a label once, a click of a button saves the label for future use. You can label 20 photos in about a minute.

Photo Adjuster includes printable 35 mm mounting sheets using the same magic label lookup feature.

Photo Adjuster includes a commission tracker and a photo reimbursement tracker with printable reports. It is your hard earned money, so let Photo Adjuster help you keep track of both your commission and photo income.

Please download the Photo Adjuster Trial Version. Our programs never alter your system files, so they are completely safe. If you decide not to keep Photo Adjuster, the demo includes an uninstall program that will safely and completely remove the program from your computer. When you decide to lease the program, you must purchase an activation code that converts the trial version into the full working version of the program. The annual lease costs .79 cents per day.


The above timing tests were performed on a system running an P4 processor at 1.2 GHz

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